Boat Parking

The Cruising Yacht Club has moorings adjacent to the Val Street Clubhouse and boat parking Hardstand Facilities at Mangles Bay near Point Peron.

Moorings and Hardstand facilities are primarily for club member's use but there are options to utilise the mooring facilities for limited periods if you are not a member.



The Cruising Yacht Club has moorings adjacent to the Val Street Clubhouse, available for either overnight, weekly, monthly or seasonal bookings.



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Mooring Frequently Asked Questions:

1.          Mooring costs?

  TCYC Members Prices
(No Vouchers)
Non Member Prices
(No Vouchers)
Daily/Overnight $20 $35
Weekly $100 $150
Monthly (Under 9m) $225 $300
Monthly (Over 9m) $275 $350

2.          Seasonal mooring dates and costs?

October 1st to April 30th  - (May to September not suitable due to weather)

  Members Non-Members
Under 9m $650 $850
Over 9m $750 $950
Plus Additional Refundable Bond required $300 $300

3.          What size boat does a mooring hold?

Moorings can hold up to 15m or 48 foot

4.          Do you have group bookings available?

Yes, group bookings available subject to availability and can be made by arrangement at the club office.

5.          If I am a member of another club do I get discounted mooring fees?

Yes, with TCYC Vouchers in return when making payment.

  Reciprical Club Member Prices Voucher to spend at TCYC
Overnight $35 $15 per night
Weekly $150 $15 per week
Monthly (Under 9m) $300 $15 per month
Monthly (Over 9m) $350 $15 per month

TCYC Moorings are available to Members and Non Members *Conditions Apply*
Fee’s & Charges are subject to change. Prices current at 01/04/2022.



The Cruising Yacht Club has a hard stand facility situated at Mangles Bay along Point Peron Road.

The Hardstand is a fully secured lot with many features which makes for convenient access to your boat, the water, and short or long term parking.

Hardstand Map

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Hardstand features include:

- Private leased lots for small and large boats

- Serviced ramp into Mangles Bay

- Tractor usage for launching and retreiving boats

- Work area available for minor boat maintenance

- Security fence and secure automatic gate

- Toilet facilities

- Restricted access

- Jinker hire opportunities

- Networking opportunities with experienced sailors, skippers, boat workers, and mechanics

Conditions of Use:

There are a range of conditions of use of the facilities at the Point Peron Hardstand facility.
These conditions are put in place to ensure a standard of respect is maintained between members, the club, and their property.

 View TCYC Point Peron Hardstand & Boat Register
(Please be aware this form must be handed in with a copy of your vessels insurance details & signed Conditions of Use). 

The above forms are required before your vessel is entitled to the hardstand. 


Hardstand Frequently Asked Questions:


1.          Is there a Winch?

No. Although we do have a tractor that is more than capable of lifting boats in and out of the water.

2.          What is the cost of Tractor In/Out?

(Executive Officer or Foreshore Committee member driving the Tractor on your behalf).

Member Non-Member
$50 $100

3.          Can I use the tractor?

Yes, you can if you’re a Full member and once you have completed a small induction/training course and signed off by the Executive Officer or Foreshore Committee.

4.          What weight can the tractor hold?

Up to 6.5 Tonne.

5.          Do you have to be a TCYC member to have a hardstand bay?

Yes, you must to be a full TCYC member to hold a hardstand bay.

6.          What are the Hardstand costs?

Hardstand Bay cost are: $740 annually + $300.00 bond.

Pro-rata costs are available from October 1st.

7.          Do you need to be a TCYC member to use the Hardstand Work Area?

No, you don't need to be a full member to utilise the hardstand work bays. Non Members can use the Workbay temporarily if required. Please contact us for more details.

8.          Is there Jinker’s for Hire?

Yes the club does have some Jinkers for hire. Please contact the Club to find out availability of hire jinkers. There is at the cost of:

  Member Prices Non-Member Prices
Standard Jinker $30 p/w $60 p/w
CAT Jinker $100 p/w $200 p/w


9.          Can TCYC members use the Hardstand Work Area, even if they don’t have a hardstand bay?

Yes, with the following fees apply:

  TCYC Voting Members Other TCYC Member Categories
Hardstand Work Area $100 p/w $250 p/w
Refundable Deposit $250 $250
Key and Main Gate Refundable Bond $50 $50


10.          Can TCYC members have a Temporary Hardstand Bay? 

Yes, with the following fees apply:

  TCYC Voting Members Other TCYC Member Categories
Temporary Bay (monthly) $100 $250 (max 3 months)
Refundable Deposit $250 $250
Key and Main Gate Refundable Bond $50 $50