Frequently Asked Questions


Q. When is the membership year?

A. 1st April - 31st March each year


Q. When will I receive my membership card & house support points ?

A. If you already have a Membership card from the previous Membership year, please keep it. If you have not, please contact Reception. Your HSP does not need to be collected, and is put onto your Membership card for you to access.


Q. When are membership fees due?

A. Fees are due 30 days from invoice date. A Late Payment Fee may apply to outstanding fees after this date, unless a payment plan has been previously arranged with the Club Manager.


Q. How do I pay my fees?

A. By internet through your own financial institution; or Cash, EFTPOS or Credit Card at the club office; or Credit Card over the telephone; or by Bank cheque


Q. What happens if I do not pay my fees within 30 days of the date of the invoice?

A. Should any members subscription or any other money due to the club remain unpaid for one month, the fact shall be notified in writing to the member and should the amount due remain unpaid for one calendar month after such notice, the General Committee may strike the name from the books and your membership shall cease, all privileges will be revoked and hardstand access will be electronically deactivated. Unless for any sufficient reason the General Committee may think proper to extend the time allowed for payment.

Q. When will house support points be available?

A. House Support Points will be issued from 1st April, once your Membership Invoice is paid and any required paperwork is up to date. The purchase of House Support Points is compulsory to all members (excluding Juniors, Country and Associate). House Support Points are redeemable at the club for merchandise, food and beverages and expire on 31st March.


Q. What can I purchase with my House Support Points?

A. Drinks, meals, & club merchandise.


Q. How do I resign my membership?

A. In writing to TCYC by post, or by email to


Q. Can I change my membership category?

A. This is conditional on your current membership category, and the new category. All requests for change of membership category must be made in writing to the Club Manager, by post or by email to 


Q. Are children allowed at the club?

A. Yes, provided their conduct is in line with the Club Policy for Children Within The Club


Q. Does the club have a Dress Code?

A. Yes there is a Dress Code. For more information, please see Pg16 of the Bylaws.